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About us

We are consulting engineers, specializing in the design, development and construction of new mining / metallurgical projects, and the refurbishment of existing ore processing plants and associated infrastructure.


Know How

We improves and develops metallurgical processes in cooperation with its customers. Our mission is to provide an efficient and targeted service, which leads to improved process understanding as well as improved profitability for the customer. Read some anonymized project examples below. 


Feasibility and Concept studies

Before investing in a project you should acquire assurance about several aspects, such as :
economical, juridical, technical and temporal feasibility. Feasibility studies enable our clients to make informed decisions; often saving companies’ and stakeholders’ time, money and effort throughout the life of a project.


Renewable energy

Global solar, wind, wave, tidal and hybrid renewable energy solutions for a low carbon future.Worldwide, we're helping solve major energy challenges needing novel solutions.
We deliver landmark renewable projects – to ensure energy supply is reliable, affordable and sustainable.

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